At Life Resolutions, we’re ever-conscious of the way the world around us affects out internal thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Today, Mary Magalotti shares her advice on coping with the pressures to be ‘perfect’ that can impact us all:

Self-Confidence Advice from Mary Magalotti

Stay realistic: Remember, those Instagram posts from your favourite influencer don’t tell the full story. Use of photoshop and filters is rampant – you’re seeing carefully curated images, not honest snaps.

Focus on function: If there’s a particular part of your body you loathe, try to turn your perception around – your thighs are for moving you around all day, not for looking good. And your tummy isn’t something to hate on – it’s for ensuring you stay nourished all day long.

Seek support: We know that self-confidence struggles can be tough. The support of an experienced psychologist can help you reframe your thoughts, understand underlying emotions, and appreciate your body for what it is.

Body Image Getting You Down? Chat to the Life Resolutions Team

If your self-confidence and body image struggles are holding you back, Mary Magalotti and the team want you to know that support is available. You can book an appointment with our friendly Life Resolutions psychologists here or browse our website for more information.

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