Personal boundaries are limits and expectations are important in maintaining good relationships with others and yourself. These boundaries are important because they help us recognise our self-worth and the value you place on things in your life. Setting boundaries can be difficult, however, they are crucial to decreasing conflict, stress and worry.

Director, Jodie Brenton and our Life Resolutions team aim to have information on boundary setting accessible to all Australians.

Our head psychologist, Mary Magalottiexplains how you can create and preserve your own personal boundaries.

Setting Boundaries

Notice how you are feeling: Being aware of your feelings and emotions can help you identify when a boundary needs to be set. If a certain person or situation is creating feelings of stress, worry or a sense of unease, it is time to assess what boundaries need to be put in place.

Clearly state your limits: Clearly stating your boundaries is important for you, and those around you. Expressing how you feel and using ‘I’ statements can help others understand your boundary and why it is being set.

Make yourself a priority: Putting yourself as a priority is a type of self-care. Being about to change or remove yourself from a situation that is causing you distress is self-care. Remember setting boundaries are a form of self-care.

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If you’re struggling with setting boundaries, and it’s impacting your mental health, the Life Resolutions team encourage you to reach out today and seek support. Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti encourage you to set boundaries to improve your mental wellbeing.

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