Just like adults, children and teenagers can experience anxiety. In a 2015 study,The Australian Government reported that 6.9% of Australians aged from 4 to 17 were suffering from anxiety. Anxiety in children can be debilitating and eventually affect their education, social development, and general health. Support is available for children and families who are struggling with this difficult condition.

Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety in children often looks quite different than it does for adults. Children who are coping with anxiety often have exaggerated fears, worries and concerns over things that adults might find unlikely or a non-issue. You can identify childhood anxiety through some key indicators –

  • Do they seem reluctant to leave your side and have trouble when dropped off at kindergarten or school?
  • Do they have difficulties engaging with other children and rarely play with their peers?
  • Do they routinely get upset over minor changes in routine?
  • Do they seem fearful about leaving the house or going unfamiliar places, even with an adult?
  • Do they have issues sleeping or are frequently affected by nightmares?

The best way to identify anxiety in children is through their body language and mannerisms, as they often will be unable to vocalise their concerns. Childhood anxiety should not be dismissed as attention-seeking or mere shyness, as it likely causes the child great distress and can lead to difficulties at school, trouble making friends,and adverse health outcomes.

Life Resolutions Mental Health Services for Children and Families

Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton are passionate about offering high-quality mental health services to children and families. The Life Resolutions team pride themselves on their compassionate and gentle approach to children dealing with anxiety.

Ourprofessionals are proud toprovidespecialist treatmentfor anxiety in a safe and welcoming environment, and we know it is vital to also involve parents and caregivers in the treatment plan.

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