Wondering whether family counselling could make your household run that bit smoother?

Families contact Life Resolutions for support with a wide range of interpersonal issues, family conflicts, and other challenges. Mary Magalotti knows that reaching out can be tough – but there is an incredible power in opening up and seeking support from a professional.

Could Your Family Benefit from Some Extra Support?

There’s many different reasons families contact us for support – whatever you’re going through, we have a friendly psychologist here to help!

  • Changes in family dynamics – If your family is going through a separation, divorce, or the introduction of step-family members, children can find it especially hard to adjust.
  • Loss of a family member – Grief and loss can be incredibly challenging and supporting your family through bereavement can feel overwhelming. Life Resolutions helps your family move through grief with professional support.
  • Behavioural issues – Some behavioural problems in kids and teens have their root in family issues. Family counselling gives you the tools to tackle challenges together.
  • Families affected by addiction – Substance addiction is hard on the whole family. Professional family counselling can help you manage these challenges.

Contact Mary Magalotti and Life Resolutions Today

Interested in learning more about the work we do at Life Resolutions? Explore our website or visit Mary’s page for more on her work with the Life Resolutions psychology franchise.

You can also speak to our friendly team to book an appointment for family counselling or other support.

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