Having devoted over 15 years to the field of counselling and psychology,Life Resolutions Director Jodie Brenton, has drastically improved the perception of mental healthcare in the country. She met the previous Director,Mary Magalotti and founded Life Resolutions in 2001 with the aim of improving the accessibility of quality mental health care services across Australia.

A longstanding and passionate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Jodie Brenton’s goal has always been to support psychologists in the private practice industry, so that they may achieve the best results for their clients. Jodie Brenton rightly believed that private practicing psychologists are often bogged down with time-consuming and never-ending admin work. This hampers their efforts in helping their clients and attending to their mental health support. Psychologists and counsellors spend precious time attending to paperwork, when it could so easily be devoted to clients who need their attention and mental health services. With an aim of finding a solution to this problem, Jodie Brenton founded Life Resolutions, creating enhancements in the private practice and psychology industry by providing systems, administration, and marketing operations to psychologists so that they can solely focus on improving the mental well-being of our society. Life Resolutions franchises and company owned practices are located throughout the country, which makes the Life Resolutions psychology franchise easier for more Australians to gain access to mental healthcare. Life Resolutions practices can be found in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Canberra.

    Jodie Brenton

Jodie Brenton’s Psychologists at Life Resolutions have vast experience and knowledge in their fields of business and psychology. Herpsychologistshave expertise in psychological assessment, clinical psychology, counselling, stress management, psychotherapy, strategic business planning, and team building, the perfect combination for running a successful psychology franchise that has helped thousands of Australians.

Mental health does not receive the importance it should, even in today’s day. The stigma around mental health means that it is not treated with the seriousness it deserves. People everywhere, no matter their stage in life, can experience mental health stress and suffer from psychological disorders. As a business owner herself, Jodie Brenton was fully aware of the stresses and challenges the psychology industry lacked in providing the right support to Psychologists in private practice. Jodie wanted to change the perception and stigma surrounding mental health and healthcare. The creation of Life Resolutions was a way for Jodie to combat these stigma issues. The franchise ensured that all Australians, no matter their age or background, have access to professional mental healthcare and counselling services.

After attaining overarching success in its endeavours since its inception in 2001, Life Resolutions has an even greater client demand for their professional expertise in providing high quality psychology services. Now, Life Resolutions is set to embark on an even greater journey to expand even further around Australia.

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