The link between chronic pain and its impact on mental health is becoming more apparent. Pain Australia has reported that approximately 40% of people with major depression are also suffering from chronic pain. However, not many people are aware of the link between long-term pain and mental illness.

Mary Magalotti, the principal psychologist at Life Resolutions, has dedicated her professional career to increasing awareness of the importance of mental health. Alongside Jodie Brenton, Mary Magalotti has ensured that those living with chronic pain can access mental health services. The Life Resolutions team is committed to increasing awareness about the link between chronic pain and poor mental health.

People within the wider community are largely unaware of chronic pain and its impact on people’s lives. This can cause great frustration in those suffering from the condition. Many people suffering from chronic pain encounter a lack of empathy, leading patients to feel isolated. Isolation can further impact one’s mental health and may be a barrier preventing them from seeking help from a mental health professional.

The Neuroscience Research Australia reports that 1 in 5 people with chronic pain has considered suicide. This concerning statistic proves the importance of increasing awareness and having accessible mental health care.

What can be done?

Pain Australia has suggested that the biopsychosocial approach should be used when treating patients. The biopsychosocial approach places greater emphasis on the link between factors of one’s biology, psychology, and socio-environment. Meaning that one’s physical, psychological, and socio-environmental characteristics are all affected by each other. This approach requires practitioners to understand the context behind each of these factors to truly begin to help the patient.

Those suffering from long-term and chronic pain should seek psychological support as a part of the biopsychosocial approach. Life Resolutions provides services for those with chronic pain. For more information on our chronic pain services or our other services, visit our website. You can also book or enquire about an appointment online or over the phone.