Mental health education is important in understanding when you or someone you love is struggling. Our Director, Jodie Brenton, aims to improve everyone’s ability to access mental health information and support. Our head psychologist, Mary Magalotti, works to increase people’s overall knowledge and awareness of mental health and how they can support themselves and others to improve their mental health.

It may be difficult to know when a loved one is struggling with their mental health. However, some signs may help you pick up if someone is struggling.

Signs Someone May Be Struggling with Their Mental Wellbeing 

Not Engaging in Conversation

Someone that is appearing more withdrawn from conversation and other daily activities than usual might be experiencing lower levels of mental wellbeing. Feelings of being down, worried or anxious can cause someone to be more quiet than usual.

Not Doing Things They Enjoy

Someone that is struggling with their mental health tends to be reluctant to do the things that they typically enjoy. If someone in your life is not doing the things they typically like to do, it may be time to check in on them.

Changes in Sleep, Energy and Appetite  

Rapid or severe changes in these behaviours can be a result of poor mental wellbeing. While these may be hard to spot, these changes can be harmful to one’s physical and mental health.

What to Do if You are Concerned 

Check-in on your friends/family if you are concerned about their mental health. You should voice your concerns with empathy and a sense of support. It is best to encourage them to seek professional help and talk about their wellbeing if they feel comfortable.

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Our team of experienced psychologists at Life Resolutions are ready to help you improve your mental wellbeing and support someone struggling with their mental health. Jodie Brenton aims to make mental health services and mental health education accessible for everyone. For this reason, Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists are experienced in a range of areas regarding mental health and offer in-person and telehealth consultations.

For more information on our services, booking and our team of psychologists, visit our website. You can also contact our team over the phone.