Finding a fulfilling and suitable career can be difficult. There are so many options and workplace complexities that can affect your career. Our head psychologist Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists provide career and workplace counselling to help you succeed in your current or desired career. Our Director Jodie Brenton established the mission for the Life Resolutions team to help all Australians have the skills to live a happy life.

What is Career Counselling 

Career counselling can help you set achievable goals that align with your current or future career. An experienced psychologist will work with you to help you find success. Career counselling can help you find your strengths within the workplace and improve upon your weaknesses. These services are designed to aid you to reach your goals and succeed in the areas you wish to succeed in.

Some other benefits of career counselling include:

  • Find a clear path and steps within your career
  • Helping you find and understand options that may be out-side of the box
  • A professional and unbiased assessment of circumstances, skills and other factors

Life Resolutions Career Counselling

Our career counselling services are conducted by one of our experienced psychologists, so you know you are getting the best support and advice possible. Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists can then provide further support in related areas such as stress management or other areas of mental wellbeing.

Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti have put together a team of psychologists that are ready to help you towards success in your career. For more information on our career counselling services, or our other services visit our website.