Self-care is more important than you may think. When we are not feeling so great, sometimes we can overlook or not do the things that care for our health and wellbeing leading to us feeling worse than before.

Life Resolutions’ Director, Jodie Brenton and Principal Psychologist, Mary Magalotti have created a team of mental health professionals that strive to support all patients on their journey to mental wellbeing. Here at Life Resolutions, we pride ourselves on our short waiting times, sometimes periods between appointments can be hard on clients. Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti want all patients to be happy and healthy and practicing self-care between appointments is a great place to start.

Our top self-care tips

  1. Journal mental health
    Journaling has been proven to improve your mental health. It is completely up to you how you express yourself through journaling. However, it is suggested that writing about things that are affecting you in an emotional way can help improve your mental wellbeing. To finish, we encourage you to identify 3 things (big or small) that you are grateful for on that particular day.
  2. Take the time for a long shower or bath
    Cleaning yourself is a good place to start in the scope of self-care. This may be a simple task, but when things seem overwhelming starting simple is the way to go.
  3. Spend time with people you love
    Catching up with the people you love can allow you to talk about how you are feeling, or even change how you are feeling for a period of time. Establishing and maintaining healthy and supportive relationships is a great way to promote mental wellness.
  4. Exercise, be in nature (or both)!
    Exercising and being in nature can help release your ‘happy’ hormones. Exercising is also great for your physical health which is closely linked with your mental health. We suggest doing an activity you enjoy to be active. Additionally, if there is something you enjoy doing, try doing it out in the fresh air.

While you are between appointments, don’t forget to practice some self-care. However, do not hesitate to get in contact with Life Resolutions for help between appointments. To learn more visit our website. You can also book a consultation online or over the phone.