The science is in… Happiness is contagious!

Head psychologist, Mary Magalotti and the team of Life Resolutions psychologists aim to help all Australians to work towards live a happy life and be able to share that happiness. Our director Jodie Brenton works to make mental health services available to all Australians.

Happiness is Contagious 

A study found that happiness can spread through people and their social networks! It was also found that sadness does not spread as much as happiness does (so sadness is less contagious).

Happiness was found to spread from person to person, then continues to spread throughout a social network. The study found living 2km of a friend you view to be happy can increase your own happiness by 25%. Then the happiness can continue to spread to increase the happiness of a third party by 10%. The happiness can spread through 6-dergees from the original source!

We can’t be constantly happy, we can take steps to improve our overall happiness. Things such as being physically active, eating healthier and taking time to be social can help you boost your happiness, then the happiness of those around you.

Here at Life Resolutions, we aim to help all Australians work towards happiness. A driving factor for Jodie Brenton is to see all Australians have the ability to learn the skills to live a happy and healthy life. Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists offer a range of services to help people on their path to happiness and mental wellbeing.

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