Gender identity can be diverse and something that individuals may struggle with. Figuring out gender identity may be a hard process and can also come with some hesitation and discrimination from those in the community. Here at Life Resolutions, our Director Jodie Brenton and head psychologist Mary Magalotti are passionate about gender diverse individuals accessing quality and supportive mental health services.

Gender Identity and Mental Health Statistics

Mental health is highly important for those figuring out their identity and gender diverse people. Those identifying as transgender or gender diverse aged between 14-21, approximately 90% of which experience high levels of psychological distress. Additionally, 60% of transgender or non-binary people above the age of 18 have been diagnosed with depression. These factors also increase the chances of suicide, self-harm and substance abuse significantly.

Those who identify as gender diverse may experience discrimination, rejections and harassment, causing psychological stress and trauma. Some things that are commonly experienced by transgender or non-binary people include:

  • Feeling unsupported or misunderstood
  • Feeling stressed and anxious
  • Transphobic bullying (including sexual, verbal and physical harassment)
  • Feeling “different” or like an outsider

Here at Life Resolutions, we are committed to providing inclusive, quality and compassionate care to those who seek it. We provide counselling services on sexuality, gender, anxiety, depression and many more areas concerning mental wellbeing.

Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists work to ensure all Australians receive the care they need and deserve. It is recommended to see a psychologist if you are concerned about your mental wellbeing. Jodie Brenton is motivated to ensure all people in the community, regardless of their identity, sexuality or location has access to mental health services.

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